Sunday, August 22, 2010

to be honest,i wanna say that..........

To be honest,i wanna say that i'm sad..
I'm sad with what happen 2 me..
I'm sad when i failed 2 make person that i love be happy with me..
I'm sad when i always put high hope,n then i can't make it..
I'm sad when i can't fulfill what i promise..
I'm sad when i can't understand what i should understand..
I'm sad when things getting worse n worse..
I'm sad when i make him sad..
I'm sad when i wanna cry,but there' people surround me,so i have 2 keep my tears..
I'm sad when people lied 2 me,n hide something behind me..
I'm sad when people can't be honest 2 me..
I'm sad when i miss someone damn much,but i still can't meet them..
I'm sad that i will act stupid when i got chance to make things better..
I'm sad 2 pretend that i always strong..

P/s: there's a word says that 'people that we love will hurt us so much..'is it true??maybe yes,and maybe not..hurm..

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